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Yunero Studios, first established in 2021, is a Web3 gaming studio developed with a vision to build hit games and, push crypto and NFT forwards and reach the masses.

We create games across various platforms, including PC and mobile, to maximize user experience. At its heart, Yunero is a team of game developers and tech enthusiasts who want to deliver enjoyable experiences using nascent technologies, including blockchain, to the gamers. At Yunero Studios, we encourage creativity and innovation. We believe that the best products are often generated from random ideas or concepts, no matter how bizarre they may be.

Core team

Great minds think alike. Yunero Studios is a hub gathering professionals from different aspects, including game development, tech start-up, finance, and blockchain. The Yunos are eager to build a highly talented and full-ledged blockchain-powered game studio to contribute more valuable adoption to the blockchain industry and provide diverse experience to users and players.

Not only productive, but we also make developing a gripping game fun!


We want to shape the future of gaming with the blockchain revolution, not limit ourselves to casual game development. Powered by blockchain technology, we believe that we have full potential to spark massive adoption in early Web3 games.


We build Yunero Studios capable of producing a suite of cutting-edge, high-tech games and other ultimate Web3 products with blockchain integration. At the same time, we also focus on bringing a whole new gaming and monetization experience to users.

Core Values

User centricity

We focus on putting users’ needs at the center when developing the products. We try to listen to our users and analyze their expectations and emotions towards our products.

Think big, start small & move fast

It seems to be a common cliché and an ever-popular motto used a lot regarding disruptive tech. We come up with an idea and brainstorm a big picture of it, yet cautiously and patiently start from the small. Moving fast then creates a competitive advantage over competitors. It is the true core value we orient.

Thrive together

If we want to go fast, go alone. If we want to go far, go together. At Yunero Studios, every Yuno plays a crucial part in general development. We intend to position ourselves as a giant in developing blockchain-integrated products; therefore, being a cohesive team is a must.

Leap ahead & evolve

“Leap ahead” is one of our mottos from the beginning. We always make a push in work with a goal to deliver the best products to our customers/users. We also understand the story that as we evolve as a company, it makes sense to evolve our brand.

Our first step into Web3 Gaming Space

Yutaka Club is Yunero Studios’ collection of 10,000 distinctive NFTs. Yutaka Club is inspired by the retro style mixed with the arcade game culture. It is considered the base layer for Yunero’s IP. Keep your eyes close to our socials, the lucrative rewards are on the way.

Rongos is our very first attempt at Web3 gaming. It’s a gripping revolutionary play-to-earn NFT game empowered by blockchain technology. In Rongos, deep historical fantasy blends with lore, and within the player-driven economy, users will be able to fully control their own NFT characters.

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