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It’s time. You are among the few chosen ones given the opportunity to become the ultimate conqueror of this new world. So set aside your fear and hesitation, embark on the expedition across a world of possibilities. Unleash your curiosity and go along with us in exploring the lands as we unlock them one by one.

Enter the Yutaka Expedition

The Yutaka Expedition comprises adventures of 8 distinct lands. There are places that put scientific technology as the priority, and there are places that worship magic power. There are lands where people live in peace, and there are lands where wars are destroying people’s lives. There are areas where monsters are dominating the land, and there are areas where humans are at the top of the food chain. So are you gonna walk away? Or are you gonna stay and see what’s in store? For all of the adventurers out there, we only have one thing to say: “You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong”. So find the courage within yourself, begin the journey and yield the rewards.

The “switch” given to you is the key to this world. When you wish to start the expedition, use the switch and enter the portal to the first land. We won’t bother you with the details but instead, let you experience everything with your own eyes. But needn’t worry, we will be with you along the way. And remember, to receive the ultimate reward, you must complete the whole expedition, aka all of the 8 adventures.

The engaging adventures

For every land, there will be a corresponding adventure that you must complete to unlock the area and gain treasures. It’s the chance for the adventurers to know more about the land before it becomes available. As soon as the previous land is unlocked, the adventure for the next will be released. Of course, you are not the only explorer in this world. There are thousands of you, each with their own mind and abilities. You will compete with each other, receive points depending on your performance, and will be ranked accordingly. We recommend that you take these challenges seriously because the leaderboard is what we base on when distributing the rewards. And needless to say, the rewards are very promising.

The golden treasures

the golden peahs

One last thing 

If you don’t already own a Coin98 Wallet, follow this link to learn everything about how to create one.

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So let the journey begin!

Disclaimer: The date and rewards are subject to change.

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