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Today we are beyond excited to introduce Yutaka Power - a decentralized governance system to mark the contribution of the active members along the way and get the whole community engaged in our project.

Dear Yutaka Community,

With the launching date of Yutaka Club approaching, it is our key priority to construct a decentralized governance system - Yutaka Power - to manage the future growth of our community and ensure the benefits of early contributors. Whether you are already an active member, or simply a crypto-curious who is interested in becoming a member of our community, this is an opportunity for you to receive many incentives in the future when Yutaka Club thrives.

Crypto is still undergoing a bear market, so we understand that it has made people reluctant to invest, and put out trust in new projects. So, we strive toward the goal of bringing costless (or at a discount fee) benefits for our early supporters with the hope that you guys can receive fruitful results shortly. So read on to find out more about how we plan to implement this system!

Introducing Yutaka Power

Yutaka Power is a way for us to evaluate the contributions of active members within the community and rank them accordingly. Any member can take part in this system by following different tasks to earn points.

Once reach a certain Yutaka Power level, it will be possible for members to exchange points for different roles in the Yutaka Discord Server and other items in the future. We propose the following mechanism to track points and distribute rewards to the community.


The first season of Yutaka Power will start from 26/10/2022 to 30/12/2022.


Yutaka Power is calculated through a system of tasks, including community tasks and event tasks.

Community tasks:

When Yutaka’s Twitter account posts content, members can retweet + tag 3 friends + add hashtag #yutakaclubNFT, then take a screenshot and send it to the #social-task-recap Discord channel. For each user who follows the correct procedure, the system will add 50 powers to this member.

Members can invite friends to join Yutaka Discord channel. For each successful invitation (friends who join Yutaka Discord & verify successfully), the system will add 100 powers to the member.

Event tasks:

Participating in events (including quizzes/mini quests/mini-games) held on Yutaka Discord server. The details of how points are calculated will be elucidated in each event.

*Disclaimer: The tasks and the rule for calculating points are subject to change. We make sure the community will be updated with any changes.


The rewards for members who own Yutaka Power will be distributed according to the accumulated points. There are 3 roles in total: OG role, lucky OG role, and discount role:

To be eligible, participants MUST accumulate at least 3,000 power points across the seasonal program.

Promotion A: Share a giveaway pool up to 5 NFTs

5 active community members with the highest power score will evenly share a pool of 5 NFTs. To be eligible, participants MUST accumulate at least 10,000 power points across the seasonal program.

Promotion B: Get discount on buying NFTs

All users that accumulate at least 5,000 points will evenly split a pool of promo codes which provide you discounts on buying NFTs. The percentage of discount will be announced later on. 

*Disclaimer: The roles and rewards distributed are subject to change.

In addition, in the future, Yutaka Power can be used to exchange for other items. All the details of future events will be announced timely for members to participate in. Users can check their Yutaka Power at channel #yutaka-power-check.

Join us on the Yutaka Discord to keep up with the leaks, and latest announcements!

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