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Year of the Cat - thousands of rewards from Coin98. Are you ready to try your New Year's luck and win valuable rewards up to 150,000 C98? With the success of Finding Luck season 1, Coin98 continues to host season 2 of the New Year's event - Finding Luck 2023 - on Coin98 Super App. Let's discover the guides below.

Event details:

🎁 Total prize: 150,000 C98

🛎 Duration: January 20, 2023 - February 18, 2023 (GMT+7)

How to join: 

Download Coin98 Super App, register an account and create your wallet.

- Download the Coin98 Super App and register with your email.

- Create a multichain wallet on Coin98 Super App. 

If you’ve already had a Coin98 account with at least 501 X-points, go to the Finding Luck section. How to earn X-points.

In case you do not have enough X-point, you can earn it by joining these events: Flow To Earn, Fantom Swap To Earn or more simply, trade natively by Swap feature on Coin98 Super App.

The game will have 4 main zones: 

  • Open Chest
  • Reward
  • Collection
  • Beast

Each area will have unique features and missions to challenge yourself. To secure your best gaming experience, let's find out the rules below!


Zone 1: Open Chest

In zone 1, use X points to exchange for the chests. One chest can open one legendary beast. You can buy chests right on the homepage of the event with only 350 X-points. Especially when you buy a combo of 10 chest, you can receive special gifts, including 9 Treasure Chest and 1 Fortune Chest (detailed chest information in Zone 3 and 4). The more chests you have, the higher the rewards you get. 

To quickly collect a full collection of legendary beasts, you can also trade treasure chests and legendary beasts with other players through the “Send" feature for only 200 X points per 1 chest or legendary beast.

Zone 2: Reward

In zone 2, you can exchange your rewards after collecting enough legendary beasts as required. You can read in detail 6 prize categories in the section “Prizes" below. 

Zone 3: Collection 

After using X-points to buy chests, zone 3 will display the number of your chests. When the chests are fully opened, the area will turn dark and you can't access the area.

There are a total of 4 different types of chests including: Treasure Chest, Fortune Chest, Dynasty Chest, Coin98 Chest. Depending on each mission, the Chest you receive will vary.

  • Treasure Chest: Can be redeemed for 350 X-points
  • Fortune Chest: Obtained when using the Red Envelope feature, or when buying a combo of 10 chests to receive 9 Treasure Chest and 1 Fortune Chest.
  • Dynasty Chest: Obtained when having the S-NFT from the Coin98 Super App Birthday event.
  • Coin98 Chest: Obtained when opening Finding Luck 2023 on the 1st day of Lunar New Year (Jan 22nd, 2023).


  • Red Envelope is the new activity on Coin98 Reward Hub. Users can use it to send or receive lucky money from friends this Lunar New Year.
  • Fortune Chest need to be claimed and only applied for KYC users. How to KYC on Coin98 Super App
  • Each user can only receive max. 2 Fortune Chests when using the Red Envelope feature to send lucky money to friends.
  • You can only receive Fortune Chest when you send lucky money by Red Envelope feature to at least 5 other users in one send, and they have to “Claim" all. The second Fortune Chest will be received after you send lucky money to the 5 next users. 
  • Each user can only receive 1 Dynasty Chest during the event period.
  • Coin98 Chest only appears 1 time at 0h00 on the 1st day of Lunar New Year (Jan 22nd, 2023). Users need to claim it to your collection before opening it.

Zone 4: Beast

Zone 4 displays all the legendary beasts you have collected after buying the chests. Finding Luck 2023 has a total of 16 legendary beasts, depending on the species and elements listed in the following table:


To open all 4 types of Legendary Beast with 4 different elements, you need to own all 4 types of Chests in the following order:

  • Treasure Chest: Contains a legendary beast of any of the 4 elements
  • Fortune Chest: Contains a legendary beast of any of the 4 elements, with a higher chance of a Phoenix
  • Dynasty Chest: Contains a legendary beast of any of the 4 elements, with a tripled chance of having a rare legendary beast Phoenix.
  • Coin98 Chest: Special gifts for Coin98 users. The secret will be revealed on the 1st day of Tet holiday.

After collecting the required set of Legendary Beasts, you will immediately receive valuable rewards from Coin98.

In zone 4, players who own various legendary beasts of the same element can use X points to randomly transform into other legendary beasts. The conversion rate is as follows: 



2 Earth Dragons + 1 Fire Dragon + 1 Water Dragon + 500 X points = 1 random Unicorn of any element


- There is no limit to changing your legendary beasts. You just need to have enough legend beasts and X points as required.


The rewards will be distributed after the official winner announcement is posted on Coin98 social channels. The rewards are divided into five categories below and one social minigame (announced later):


  • The exchanged Beasts can’t be returned. 
  • Check the Beasts carefully before converting into C98, in case they are rare Beasts. 

“The Great Emperor” Prize: 60,000 C98 

Users who collect a full set of 16 different legendary beasts will be able to participate in the share-pool prize 1 time. After the event ends, the prizes will be divided equally to all the participants joining in the game. 

“The Beast Tamer" Prize: 25,000 C98 

  • Total prize: 500 slots
  • Value per slot: 50 C98

Users who have all 4 Legendary Beasts (Dragon - Unicorn - Turtle - Phoenix) of any element will be redeemed prizes immediately.

Example: 1 Fire Dragon + 1 Earth Unicorn + 1 Fire Turtle + 1 Air Phoenix = 1 “Beast Tamer"

“Element Bender": 20,000 C98 

  • Total prize: 1,000 slots
  • Value per slot: 20 C98

Users who have all 4 elements (Fire - Earth - Water - Air) Legendary Beasts of any type can be used to convert to 20 C98.

Example: 1 Fire Dragon + 1 Water Unicorn + 1 Earth Phoenix + 1 Air Turtle = 1 “Element Bender" prize worth 15 C98.

“Dragon Master”: 20,000 C98 

  • Total prize: 2,000 slots
  • Value per slot: 10 C98

Players who own a full set of 4 Dragons of the 4 elements will be eligible to participate in the prize pool.

Example: 1 Fire Dragon + 1 Earth Dragon + 1 Water Dragon + 1 Air Dragon = 1 “Dragon Master" prize worth 10 C98.

“Soul Charmer": 15,000 C98 

  • Total prize: 100 slots
  • Value per slot: 150 C98

Players who collect all 4 different Legendary Beasts of any single element will be eligible to participate in the prize pool.

Example: Fire Dragon + Fire Unicorn + Fire Turtle + Fire Phoenix = 1 “Soul Charmer" prize worth 150 C98.

Important Notes: The reward will expire at 0:00 am on March 31, 2023. Users are kindly requested to claim the reward before the specified time. After this period, the reward will be revoked and cannot be claimed anymore.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All Coin98 users are welcomed to join the event.  
  • Users are solely responsible for determining and complying if there are any regulations (including foreign exchange restrictions) applicable to them while participating in Coin98 Finding Luck 2023.
  • Entry into Coin98 Finding Luck 2023 will be deemed as acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.
  • Users can join Coin98 Finding Luck 2023 during the period stated in the beginning of this blog post and the post published on Coin98 social media platforms.
  • The wallet address participating in the game will only be registered once and will not change for the duration of the event. This address will also be your reward wallet address.
  • All the event information is only valid & updated officially on this blog post.
  • The winners agree to the publication of wallet addresses and REF IDs on Coin98 social channels.
  • The rewards will be distributed to the BEP20 wallet address that you used to register at the beginning of the event, in the Finding Luck 2023 section on the Coin98 Super App every Friday, starting from January 27, 2023. How to claim Vault
    • 1st distribution on Jan 27: results from Jan 20 to Jane 25
    • 2nd distribution on Feb 03: results from Jan 26 to Feb 01 
    • 3rd distribution on Feb 10: results from Feb 02 to Feb 08 
    • 4nd distribution on Feb 17: results from Feb 09 to Feb 15 
    • 5nd distribution on Feb 24: results from Feb 16 to Feb 18
  • The Sharepool prize - “The Great Emperor" will be sent to your registered wallet after the event ends.
  • All complaints are only valid within 72 hours after the prize distribution and will be solved after the campaign ends. Users can contact us through Coin98 Live Chat.
  • Any cheat detected will automatically be handled by Coin98’s decision without notice.
  • Coin98 reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  • All final decisions belong to Coin98.
  • Coin98 employees who were involved in the conception and implementation are not eligible to participate in the event.
  • All personal data of users (email address, wallet address) will not be passed on to third parties without consent, nor will it be made available for use by third parties.
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