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These recent months, the situation of the crypto market has somewhat shaken investors and made users less believe in the visions & potential of projects. But this current bear market doesn’t seem to affect NFT fans and supporters at all. Instead, it streng

These recent months, the situation of the crypto market has somewhat shaken investors and made users less believe in the visions & potential of projects. But this current bear market doesn’t seem to affect NFT fans and supporters at all. Instead, it strengthens their beliefs in the projects and makes them focus on the values beyond the surface - the utilities and communities. NFT is a billion-dollar market, with a projected market size worth around $231 billion by 2030. New NFT projects are still attracting immense traffic and selling out left and right. And within these communities, many are providing exciting ways for new investors to acquire free NFTs and encouraging users to explore the Web3 ecosystem. 

Read on to find out how and stay until the end to know about the most exciting method!!

So, what are the ways to get these free NFTs of which we are speaking? 

There is actually more than one way to get free digital collectibles. And surprisingly, they are also way easier than you imagine. 

1. NFT giveaways

If you ever spend time scrolling on social media platforms, especially Twitter, chances are you already encounter at least one NFT giveaway. A giveaway is actually a powerful tool for new companies to gain awareness and generate engagement from users.  It is a way to motivate users to become more active in the community and learn more about the projects. On top of that, for creators that already possess a huge fan base, a giveaway is a way to reward members of their community and secure their loyalty to the projects.

Most of the time, these giveaways only require the fulfillment of really simple tasks on social media (especially Twitter, Discord, and Telegram):

  • Follow their accounts.
  • Share/retweet about their project on your profile.
  • Tag your friends to let them know about the projects.
  • Comment on the post about whatever is asked regardings the projects.

To win a free NFT from giveaways isn’t really guaranteed, but it is indeed a shot you should take. Cause you never know, one day it may actually be you receiving the free reward.

2. NFT from free mint

Probably the simplest and most convenient way to get a free NFT is to mint one yourself. There are projects that offer users free mints to grow quickly and raise interest faster. Some decentralized applications, like Polygon, let users mint, buy or trade digital collectibles for free. This removes the high gas fees that once discouraged many from minting their own NFTs. Apart from that, when minting using the Polygon blockchain, users can still sell the items in ETH valuations. 

The prices of NFTs are as we know, not affordable for everyone. So if you are a newbie to the whole NFT concept and want to explore, free-to-mint NFTs can significantly reduce the entry barrier to the NFT space.

3. NFT from P2E games

Blockchain game is a fast-growing industry of its own, attracting millions and millions of players to the  Web3 ecosystem. These games have been designed specifically for the encouragement of trading NFTs, which stimulate the Web3 gaming economy to expand and thrive. 

Play-to-earn NFT games are one of the ways by which you can earn free NFTs. P2E games are different from traditional ones. Users are allowed to own and trade in-game assets such as characters, tokens, and items accumulated in the games. So even if users decide to give up on the games, they can still earn some money from trading them with others.

So how can you get free NFTs from blockchain games? Rather easy actually. Some games let players earn free NFTs, while in others, they are rewarded with free NFTs by simply playing. Nevertheless, some of these games are not free to play. So if you do not have money to spare, then research carefully to find ones that are free to join.

4. NFT airdrops

NFT airdrops are another excellent promotional tactic to generate hype and attract attention around NFT projects. And usually, it is more difficult to get free NFTs through airdrops compared to giveaways. Users are often required to complete a more complicated set of tasks than those of a giveaway, including participating in a series of quests and challenges, answering questions regardings the products. But still, there are instances where users are asked to fulfill actions such as retweeting or liking the projects’ social media posts.
Various renowned companies have used this strategy to reward community members and encourage newcomers to hop on board. Many prominent projects have adopted this method, granting supporters with NFTs that skyrocketed in value not long after the launch. So keep an eye out for these airdrops and try to be active in those communities that frequently do NFT airdrops!

The Yutaka Expedition

If you are looking for a chance to get some NFT airdrops, check out the Yutaka Expedition right now!!! This is a pre-launch event of Yutaka Club - a chance for you to get free digital collectibles & enjoy the wonderful adventures across Yutaka World, and it is happening right now.
The rules to possibly win a Yutaka Club’s NFT airdrop are seriously simple. 


Make sure to join as early as possible to grab as many XP as you can. The Expedition is just around the corner, brace yourself!


There will be 100 free NFTs for the top 100 on the leaderboards as a way to show our thanks to the supporters for their participation in the community. So good luck to you all and hope you get the reward you deserve. 

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